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Nivela in Paris: Our active media engagement paid off

Nivela played a very active role during the Paris Climate Summit: We provided key updates on daily developments and translated the COP language into ideas for non-specialists. We also had coverage in more than a dozen television channels, podcasts and radio programs, nearly 30 newspapers and magazines and more than 30 online news outlets. We continue to be an idea shaper and are one of the few Latin American-based groups that participates in the global media. Here is a summary of our work in the past weeks.

One of the objectives we have set out at Nivela is to challenge convention on climate, development and politics from a developing country perspective.The team was active during the COP21 through off and on the records conversations with the international media – mostly in the English and French speaking world, although not exclusively.

During the COP, Nivela’s Director, Monica Araya focused her work on translating some of the developments in the negotiations to the international media offering new developing country perspective with a strong focus on the perspective of vulnerable countries and small nations pushing for ambition.

Here is a list of Monica Araya´s interventions:

  • 61 quotes (28 in international newspapers and magazines and 33 quotes in online platforms)
  • 11 interviews (7 on T.V. programs and 4 radio conversations)
  • 3 videos for specialist outlets and a podcast during the COP21

The highlights include: TIME magazine, Washington Post, Financial Times, Nature, Reuters, BBC World Radio, Channel 4 (UK), Huffington Post Live, Aljaazera Live, National Observer, El Clarín, Euractiv, Der Tagesspiegel, and specialist outlets such as ClimateWire and ClimateHome.

Media work by Nivela´s Director, Monica Araya

Interviews in International TV channels

  • Channel 4 (UK)
  • Aljazeera (Global, Doha) Watch it here.
  • TV SBS (Australia)
  • TV France24
  • Channel NTN24 (Colombia)
  • Huffington Post Live (New York) Watch it here.
  • TRT World (Global, based in Istanbul)

Radio & Podcast interviews


Quotes and/or interviews in Newspapers and magazines

Newspapers in Spanish

Online news

Online outlets in Spanish

Works by other members of the Nivela team:

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