Climate Deal 2015

Paris Climate Summit November 30: What happened?

Highlights from statements by heads of state

  • More than 140 world leaders delivered statements on the imperative to tackle climate change, referencing the historical moment humanity is in now.
  • There was strong acknowledgement amongst developed countries on the need for balance between adaptation and mitigation.
  • Ban Ki Moon said that all countries need to move towards economy wide targets, leaving time and flexibility for developing countries.
  • Mexico argued that at COP21, the world is deciding what quality of life it wants in the 21st century.

Action on the Ground

  • On November 28th and 29th, the world saw a huge citizen mobilisation of 570,000 people in 2,300 events around 175 countries. In Paris, 10,000 people held hands in solidarity with front-line communities affected by climate change.
  • Bill Gates announced the “Breakthrough energy coalition” uniting two dozens of other billionaire philanthropists to support clean energy efforts. This new private-public partnership has injected some momentum in the negotiations.
  • Governments, private sector, civil society and indigenous peoples announced a new focus on implementing partnerships to tackle deforestation and forest degradation under several initiatives.
  • Our Director Monica Araya participated on the World Wide Views Side Event:

Key Announcement of the Day

The Climate Vulnerable Forum met today to call for putting the needs of vulnerables at the heart of the new agreement. The Forum also called for 100% renewable energy and full decarbonization by 2050.

Follow the Nivela team at COP21:

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