Climate Deal 2015

Paris Climate Summit December 1: The Real Negotiations Begin

After the first day of the climate negotiations where heads of state delivered statements on the imperative to make Paris a successful summit, negotiations began with opening plenaries in the morning and the afternoon. Some delegates have expressed optimism as the negotiations seem to be “taking off.”

In the Corridors

  • The Climate Vulnerability Forum has triggered at new push for solidarity for vulnerable countries' call for 1.5 degree limit to warming as opposed to the 2 degrees one, which would have dangerous implications for the livelihoods of communities in vulnerable states.

Adapting to Climate Impacts

  • Ban Ki Moon announced the A2R: anticipate, absorb, and reshape initiative. It will increase early warning systems in case of natural disasters, access to insurance and infrastructure decision-making processes which incorporate climate risks.
  • On adaptation, there has been some progress on the identification of key issues. Discussion on a global vision on adaptation and principles for adaptation efforts will happen in smaller groups throughout the week.

International Cooperation

  • Italy announced that it will increase its support for international climate finance reaching at least 4 billion dollars between 2015-2020.
  • The Least Developed Country Fund has now reached $248 million.
  • President Obama announced that the United States will contribute $30 million to climate risk insurance programs in the Pacific, Central America and Africa. This is part of a broader agenda to enhance the resiliency of vulnerable countries.

Action on the Ground

  • Nivela Director Monica Araya moderated a panel on the role that non-state actors can play in the implementation of INDCs (national climate change plans). The event was organized by the Stockholm Environment Institute and CICERO and attended by the King of Sweden.

Key Announcement

The Africa Renewable Energy Initiative was launched, representing a breakthrough on renewable energy development and a key milestone to foster low-carbon development. The goal of the initiative is to build at least 100GW of new and additional renewable energy generation capacity by 2020, and 300GW by 2030.

Nivela in the News

Nivela has been active in the media and has participated in programs by Channel 4 (UK), TV France24, Green TV and mentioned in Les Echos, a French newspaper.

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