Climate Deal 2015

Paris Climate Summit December 10: This is the Endgame

A new version of the text was released at night, with a total of 27 pages. Earlier that day one of the main concern from developing countries was that some elements in the negotiation were not rooted on those principles in which the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change was established.

It is important that there is intra-solidarity between developing countries, encouraging that there is self-differentiation regarding their commitment to act. But this needs to happen while developed countries lead efforts.

Informal consultations and bilateral meetings are ongoing. After the official launch of a “high-ambition coalition,” countries in the group are trying to bring clarity to their positions and inviting others to join them.

Emissions Reductions

  • The process on reviewing and submitting national contributions is more clear, but it is essential to ensure that reviews occur before the year 2020. Even President Hollande has called for this revision.
  • The support for 1.5 degrees is now moving to securing a long-term goal and strong architecture for the ambition mechanism, although this still remains under negotiation.
  • The long-term goal to reach net zero emissions in the second half of the century is still under debate.

Climate Finance

  • The floor of US$100 billion finance by 2020 seems to now be established.
  • A strong outcome on finance has not been clearly laid out yet although the latest text includes an option to establish a 5 year cycle for setting collective climate finance goals.
  • some countries lack confidence that developed countries will lead on this issue, especially on adaptation finance.

Outside the negotiations

  • Business leaders released a letter asking for a clear long-term emissions goal and process of five year commitment periods in the Paris agreement.
  • Leaders are being encouraged by campaigners and the French Presidency to engage more closely with negotiations.

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