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Paris Climate Summit December 5: Negotiators handle the draft negotiating text to the Ministers

A new negotiating draft text is finally up and is now the basis for COP negotiations. The draft text will now be sent to Ministers who will help build consensus. Some of them have been asked to work in pairs - one from a developed country, one from a developing country - on four topics.

Some of the tension remains

The Paris Agreement will need a long-term goal given that the current effort only covers the period between 2020 and 2030. This will give a future direction and is critically important for many countries, including the most vulnerable countries to climate impacts, to agree on this goal. Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, two oil producers, continue to block a long-term goal and language around a shift towards 100% renewables that would be in the interest of billions of people around the world. NGOs awarded them the "Fossil of the Day"(negative award) for their obstructionism.

Other discussions that remain unsolved are the temperature target numbers, finance and transparency. Governments resist the need to create a common framework for monitoring, reporting and verifying progress. These frameworks are about keeping governments accountable about their emissions (we need to understand whether collectively their efforts are working). Yet many countries are still resisting this. On funding, the bloc of developing countries keep pushing on more and faster mobilization of public finance for reducing emissions and for adaptation.

The draft

  • The negotiators handed the text with a spirit of confidence to the French Presidency. The process they proposed for the second and final week was accepted.
  • The new text includes everything needed to get a good agreement, but more work is still needed to get a robust package for an ambition mechanism (e.g. upgrade the individual contributions by countries) and finance.

Climate Plans

  • The number of national climate plans or INDCs is now 186 - an unprecedented step forward in terms of global engagement on climate action.

What’s happening outside the negotiations

  • Yesterday was a big day of climate action on the ground, follow the UNFCCC for all updates. Here is a summary of all funding announced.
  • The G20’s Financial Stability Board launched a task force to consider climate risk to the finance sector to be chaired by Michael Bloomberg former mayor of New York.
  • China made a substantive $60 billion development pledge at the China Africa Summit
  • Leonardo DiCaprio and around 1000 cities made an announcement supporting 100% renewable energy

Nivela in the news

The Nivela team continues to engage with the media to provide context and guidance to the COP21 negotiations.

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