Climate Deal 2015

Paris Climate Summit December 6: Ministries appointed to lead consultations

The handover of the draft negotiating texts to the Ministers went smoothly. Many countries have praised the work and spirit of the Presidency. The French also established the “Paris Committee,” which will meet at least once a day to guarantee transparency and participation.

Attention is now needed to clarify the mechanism that will ensure countries raise their ambition. A clear start date for this mechanism is critical to ensure we stay on track for a 2 degree world. The process for submitting future individual country contributions (INDCs) is also unclear in the current text. Questions around who and how much financial support will be given remain.

There are now four cross-cutting groups:

  • Support (finance, technology, capacity building)
    • Gabon & Germany
  • Differentiation (mitigation efforts, finance, transparency)
    • Brazil & Singapore
  • The Long-Term (long-term goals and periodic review)
    • St Lucia & Norway
  • Acceleration (actions in the pre-2020 period)
    • The Gambia & United Kingdom

Sweden and Bolivia will lead informal consultations on adaptation, while Peruvian Minister Pulgar Vidal will lead consultations on the preamble.

Action on the Ground

  • Quebec has contributed $6 million to the Least Developed Country Fund, marking the first significant contribution a sub-national government has made to a multilateral climate fund.
  • Health leaders from around the world gathered for a climate and health summit stressing that the world must move away from fossil fuels.

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