Climate Deal 2015

Paris Climate Summit December 7: Momentum for 1.5C is mounting

The process laid out by the French Presidency of the COP seems to be working well. The Ministers appointed by the COP President continue to guide informal consultations on specific topics. It was announced that Canada will facilitate discussion on cooperative mechanisms while Ecuador will facilitate on forests. A number of ministers also gave their interventions throughout the day. A webcast of their statements is available.

Brazil, who is facilitating discussion of how responsibilities are differentiated, reported back that developed countries will continue to take the lead without diminishing ambition. In general, there is consensus on how giving flexibility to developing countries will support differentiation.

Emissions Reductions

The goal to limit global increase in temperatures to 1.5 degrees is gaining more traction, especially after large emitters like Canada are now on board. There is also some momentum to include language on removing fossil fuels by the second half of the century. For this goal to be achieved, the final text will need to include clear guidelines on financial and ambition mechanisms. For example, countries will need to clarify whether the next political moment to increase ambition will be before 2020.

Adaptation to climate impacts

There is less clarity on the process for adaptation to climate impacts or on a long term goal on global adaptation.


The issue of who will contribute climate finance and technology assistance is still unresolved, but there have been some discussions for including a reference that allows for cooperation between developing countries who are willing and able to do so (known as South-South finance).

Action on the Ground

Governments joined companies, cities, energy organizations and civil society to present more than 15 collective initiatives to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy, and access to sustainable energy – aiming at creating a new model for energy development.

Nivela in Side Events

Our Director Monica Araya was part of the panel “The Women in Sustainability, Environment & Renewable Energy (WiSER)"organized by Masdar and Zayed Energy Price.

Nivela in the media

Monica Araya in the Clarín from Argentina says: “Argentina is staying behind instead of taking advantage of the political momentum around renewables. This is an opportunity to win and not to polarize.”

La Cumbre del Clima en París entra en su semana decisiva

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