Climate Deal 2015

Paris Climate Summit December 8: Who will fight for ambition?

A new, shorter version of the draft text is expected today Wednesday by mid afternoon. This is a summary of what happened yesterday, December 8. The COP Presidency is working to ensure the Ministerial consultation process is finalized before the end of the week to avoid any last minute complications. At this point in the negotiations it is critical that all countries step up and engage positively.

Last night, the Paris Committee (created to guarantee transparency and participation) met and reported back in a positive tone with updates on where progress had been made and which issues remain unresolved.

The European Union, small-island developing states and the Independent Association of Latin America and the Caribbean-AILAC (bloc of progressive Latin American countries) support the COP Presidency. Meanwhile, countries in the Like-Minded Developing Group (Argentina, Malaysia, India, China, Venezuela and others) seem to be unhappy with the process set by the French Presidency.

Reducing Emissions

Civil society is continuing to ask for a strong ambition mechanism to ensure that we will keep global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees. Parties and non-state actors are encouraging that there is a revision of the countries’ contributions (INDcs) before 2021, after 2020 when the agreement is supposed to come into force. There is general consensus on having 5-year cycles to increase ambition and a long-term mitigation goal.

Climate Finance

  • Germany just announced € 50 million to the Adaptation Fund.
  • Norway announced it will double its climate finance to $516m under the Green Climate Fund by 2020.
  • There is discussion about having 2 or 5-year cycles for climate finance contributions.

Outside the Negotiations

  • Gathering all the stakeholders of local climate action - local, subnational and national governments, international organizations, bi and multilateral donors, investors - the Cities & Sub-nationals Lima Paris Action Agenda Focus showcased the unprecedented level of sub-nationals commitment for climate as well as the structural challenges that must be addressed to accelerate the transformation of our economic developments at the local scale.

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