At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Nivela Associate Alice Amorim reminds us that 1.5C is the Record We Must Not Break

Throughout the 2016 Rio Olympics, Nivela and GIP associate Alice Amorim has been part of a committed team of campaigners working to raise climate change awareness and inspire climate action at one of the most important sporting events in the world.

Kicking-off every Olympic games, the Parade of Nations demonstrates the power of sport to bring people together, no matter their race, gender, age, or origin. But during Rio’s opening ceremony, the world was reminded that there is one phenomenon even more inclusive than sports: climate change. Viewed by more than 3 billion people, a key message that aired right before the parade of nations delivered a moving commentary on the stark consequences that climate change will have around the globe if left unchecked.

Nivela and GIP associate Alice Amorim and the 1.5°C campaign have worked to ensure that awareness of climate change in Rio continues all the way through to the closing ceremony, and beyond. The campaign aims to create a sense of curiosity in the wider audience around the 1.5°C goal set in the Paris Agreement, complementing and expanding the successful and ongoing #1o5C campaign promoted by the Climate Vulnerable Forum. So, as athletes from around the world push their bodies to the limit to set new records, the campaign reminds us that 1.5°C is a record that must not be broken.

The main goal of the campaign has been to mobilize Olympic and Paralympic athletes in Rio from climate vulnerable countries of every continent, encouraging them to join the climate cause and bring attention to the need for ambitious government and business action to combat the impacts of global warming.

Mattie Sasser, weightlifter from the Marshall Islands.

Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno.

Sudanese swimmer Mohamed Ahmed.

After the Rio2016 Olympic and Paralympic games, the campaign seeks to host an event at the COP22 later this year about sports and climate, looking to keep amplifying the engagement of sportspeople and audience in the climate cause.

The 1.5°C campaign at the Olympics is an unbranded campaign supported by the UNDP, CVF, the Rio2016 Sustainability Committee, the World Bank’s Sport4climate initiative, Observatório do Clima, B-Team, Engajamundo, and others, and is based on the ongoing #1o5C campaign, promoted by the Climate Vulnerable Forum.

To learn more about the campaign, click here.

Photo credits: 1.5C campaign.

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