Infographics: Climate and Politics after Brazil's Elections

Here we share a series of infographics depicting the political context in Brazil after the latest presidential elections as well as a breakdown of the country's energy matrix, its greenhouse gas emissions and its latest proposal at the United Nations climate negotiations.

Key Messages

  • The Brazilian government will face major political, economic, and climate challenges during 2015.
  • The domestic context is not favorable for ambitious climate commitment before COP21 in Paris, as short-term concerns figure higher in the national agenda.
  • Still, the country‚Äôs on-going water and energy crises could help increase public awareness about the linkages between climate change and political and economic decisions, providing an opportunity that has never been greater.
  • The decrease in oil pricing and a shortage of investment resources by Petrobras due to corruption scandal may mark the biggest chance for Brazil to re-think its energy matrix away from fossil fuels and towards stronger renewables.

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Ana Toni and Alice Amorim are part of the Nivela team; they are based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. More information about their work is available here.

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