New associates join Nivela from Colombia and Argentina

We are delighted to announce that Marcela Jaramillo and Rodrigo Rodríguez-Tornquist, from Colombia and Argentina, respectively, have joined Nivela as Associates. Marcela has a background in energy and climate finance and Rodrigo´s work focuses on transport and low-emissions development.

Marcela Jaramillo

Marcela is a policy advisor from Colombia with a background in engineering who is now focused on international climate finance issues. She works at E3G specialising in climate finance approaches that drive transformational change in developing countries, in particular within Latin America.Marcela works on the design and role of multilateral, bilateral and regional institutions and initiatives that deploy public climate finance and mobilise private investors. She has been tracking the developments in the Green Climate Fund.

In the past, Marcela worked within the energy sector. She was a renewable energy consultant leading the design and implementation of projects on solar photo-voltaic, solar thermal and heat pumps in the United Kingdom. She also worked at EPM-Colombia conducting in-depth research into combined heat and power systems. Marcela has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in the field of energy, from the Universidad Nacional of Colombia and an MSc with distinction in Sustainable Energy Technologies from the University of Southampton.

Rodrigo Rodríguez-Tornquist

Rodrigo is a specialist on environmental management and sustainability policies for transportation. He conducted the Environmental Management Division at the Argentine National Railways Administration (2008-2013). As Executive Director and co-founder of the Association SustentAr, a non-profit organization to promote sustainable and climate resilient development, he participates in several Latin American initiatives for tackling climate change. Rodrigo is an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Transportation at the University of San Martin in Argentina.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a specialization in International Affairs (Catholic University of Argentina), and has a degree in environmental management (National University de San Martin). During 2013-2014 he was a Research Fellow at the Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies (SPURS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he focused on low emissions and climate resilient sustainable development strategies.

Elections and Development: More of the same?

The question is how much longer will it take for the political class, traditional Parties in particular, to wake up to impacts of climate change in our country.

As part of our first series, Nivela has analysed the elections in several countries from a development and sustainability perspective. We have analysed the elections in Chile, Brazil, South Africa, India and Costa Rica. In June, Marcela Jaramillo wrote an article for Nivela together with Camila Bustos, who is also from Colombia, about the elections in Colombia.

President Juan Manuel Santos was re-elected after the second round of Colombian elections in mid June and these elections did not raise questions about development, environment or climate change. They argue that while this re-election is good news for the peace talks, the results from the 2014 campaign do not mean that the public favor a model of development that seeks growth at any expense. Their article highlights some elements suggesting why the Colombian public will continue to demand more than growth as usual.

The article is available in English and Spanish.

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