The Climate under Trump: What's in store for Domestic and Global Climate Policy?

The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States has given rise to widespread concerns over the future of climate policy, both domestically and globally. As his administration begins, Nivela organizes a webinar to discuss the implications of a Trump presidency for the climate agenda, and the challenges and opportunities lying ahead.

Date and time

Friday, February 3rd 2017

10:30-11:30am Bogotá / 3:30-4:30pm London


About the speakers

Paula Caballero is Global Director of the Climate Program at the World Resources Institute. Before joining WRI in August 2016, Paula was the Senior Director of the Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice of the World Bank Group where she oversaw a portfolio of over USD 7 billion that responded to an array of development issues in productive landscapes and forests, fisheries and aquaculture, pollution and environmental health, environmental economics, and environmental safeguards. She has a long trajectory in development having worked for the Colombian government at various moments, most recently as Director for Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Paula was lead negotiator for Colombia for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. She is widely recognized as the lead proponent of the Sustainable Development Goals, and was awarded a Zayed International Prize for the Environment in 2014 for her contribution to “environmental action leading to positive change”.

Alden Meyer is Director of Strategy and Policy for the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the Director of its Washington, DC, office. He provides general oversight and strategic guidance for the organization’s advocacy on energy, transportation, agriculture, and arms control issues. Mr. Meyer is also the principal advocate for UCS on national and international policy responses to the threat of global climate change. In addition, he works extensively on renewable energy and electricity policy. Mr. Meyer has nearly 40 years of experience in energy and environmental policy at the state and national levels. He has testified before Congress on global warming and energy issues, and has authored numerous articles on climate change, energy policy, and electric utility and nuclear power issues for environmental and general interest publications. He has also served on several federal advisory panels, including the U.S. Secretary of Energy's advisory board.

Monica Araya is Founder and Director of Nivela. Monica has worked development and environmental issues and politics for over 20 years and collaborates regularly with leaders in civil society, government, and business with a focus on climate action and advocacy. She is the Founding Director of Costa Rica Limpia, a citizen platform that promotes clean development and democracy. She was a lead negotiator for Costa Rica in the climate negotiations and in the past worked at the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy, Climate Change Capital and as advisor to multiple organizations. She is a member of the Steering Committee of the UNEP Gap Emissions Report since 2012 and co-chairs the Steering Committee of the Low Emissions Development Strategies Platform for Latin America and the Caribbean. She is a senior associate at E3G since 2009.

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